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Taxis have long been a fixture in Las Vegas, and ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft are growing more popular all the time. Although it is great to have transportation options other than renting or owning a car, your safety is at the mercy of your driver.

When accidents do occur, these commercial drivers (and the companies they work for) can be held liable. However, while taxis and ride-sharing companies provide the same service, the legal aftermath of an accident can be very different depending on which type of company you are dealing with.

Taxi Accidents

Because taxi services are regulated and well-established, liability is fairly straightforward. These companies are required to be well-insured. So if you can show that the driver or the taxi company was at fault for the crash, there should be no surprises or unreasonable obstacles in seeking compensation.

Ride-Sharing Accidents

At first glance, Uber and Lyft may seem like taxis with less expensive fares. Unfortunately, however, the cheaper fares may not be worth the legal uncertainty after an accident. Ride-sharing services (sometimes called transportation network companies) rely on non-professional drivers and a patchwork of insurance coverage.

Because most personal auto insurance policies do not cover commercial driving, TNCs offer some supplemental insurance. But insurance coverage can change from minute to minute, depending on what conditions are necessary in order for the driver to be considered "on duty." Drivers may think they are covered, only to learn that the TNC narrows coverage to deny its own liability for the crash. This can leave the driver and the victim in a serious mess.

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At Dimopoulos Law Firm, we represent victims of nearly any motor vehicle crash scenario, including ride-sharing and taxi accidents. We know the laws and we know how commercial drivers and carriers try to exploit loopholes to limit their own liability for crashes.

We fight for you, and will work tirelessly to get you the compensation you are legally entitled to receive.

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